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If you run a league and need a direct support please contact me on or Discord 

The Forum is now closed and support has  moved to :

Here are some common situations and tricks to avoid black screens and other issues  :

Operating system
/ Game Type 
Windows 7 Windows 8/8.1 Windows 10/11
Desktop or
Browser game

Directx 7, Directx 8
 Native  Native  Native
Directx 9 Native   Set GAME compatibility to windows 7  Native
Directx 9 + optional
Directx 11 features
 Desactivate AA and any DX11 features   Set GAME compatibility to windows 7,
desactivate AA and any DX11 features
Directx 11/12 only  Unsupported  Unsupported  Native
Opengl  Unsupported  Unsupported  Unsupported
  • Native : you have no special action to do , do not force moss or game compatibility
  • Unsupported : your screenshots will be be black , I have no solution
  • Impossible : your game wont start anyway !
  • tricks : try to use the trick suggested

Special cases :

  • To unzip Moss you need 7zip or winrar , the zip has  a password “Moss” 
  • Laptop with discrete GPU : force Moss to attach to the integrated GPU (Intel one usually)
  • Zip is not created,  check this thread
  • Most of cases are antivirus issues , whitelist Moss and notify your antivirus as a false detection

Use Discord if you still have issues


Error Messages : 

Moss includes an autoupdate system and thus refuses to run if unable to update to the last version or prevented to check it.

this may come from access restrictions at pc level or ISP restrictions , here are the potential error messages :

Error 1 InternetConnectFailure : Moss can’t access to Internet , most probably a firewall/antivirus block it , or your connection is down

Error 2 InternetSessionFailure : Moss can’t access to , same reasons or a specific barrage to the site

Error 3 ConfigDownloadFailure : Moss cant download the last version file

Error 4 FileDownloadFailure : Moss can’t download the update

Error 5 NoExecutableVersion : The downloaded update is not a program or is corrupted

Error 6 UpdateNotRequired : you already got the last version ( appears only in final log)

Error 7 UpdateNotComplete : something went wrong locallly :, disk full , download deleted by AV …