Quick use

Using Moss is pretty simple :

  • Download it from http://nohope.eu home page , there is no need to register neither to download it neither to use it (you can download the generic version if you are not sure to use an x86 or x64 system)
  • Run it as admin , otherwise it will refuse to start  (no need to install anything and when moss is stopped , there is no remaining process)
  • Choose your game in File/Parameters
  • then Start monitoring in Capture / Start, you can now start the game and play
  • Once the game is finished , you can stop the monitoring by Capture / Stop ( Moss Will analyse your session – it may last some time –  and generate a ZIP file with your screenshots and session analysis)
  • You can post the ZIP on your game platform

What you shouldn’t do : 

  • Do not kill Moss process, do not freeze it, do not try to edit it’s memory.
  • Do Not open the zip before posting it
  • Do not edit it in anyway , do not remove images or captured files , do not alter the session file.
  • Do not prevent Moss to communicate with http://nohope.eu
  • Do not try to attack http://nohope.eu there is no information stored here !

Bugs : 

As any program Moss may crash or freeze , in this case and if it happens several times, do a screenshot,  collect the Moss.dmp file and post it on forum ASAP along with your PC settings , game and if possible a correct log from a successful session ( I can only debug last version so old DMPs wont be handled )

Disclaimers : 

  • Moss doesn’t install anything on your PC
  • Moss doesn’t post any information anywhere
  • Moss communicate with http://nohope.eu to check it’s own version , time and to provide me some usage statistics through Google analytics. there is no local data nor any private data posted
  • Moss log includes private data about your PC hardware and TCP/IP C class , you are responsible to decide to share them.
  • Moss is free to use and will remains free
  • Moss is not an open source project
  • Moss is not a business in any way , so I update it and check the forum on my spare time, Please keep it in mind.