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ZIP corrupted, files missing – Bug or cheat?

What is Moss ? forums General ZIP corrupted, files missing – Bug or cheat?

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    Hey there,

    This is a moss file from a player we played recently :

    In the integrity check it says
    “ZIP Renamed”
    “ZIP 54e8523 corrupted or missing”
    “ZIP 54e8523 corrupted or missing”
    “ZIP corrupted”
    “Invalid file”

    There are also two files that I have never seen:

    545e8523-3d85-46c7-897a-206a950cb828 – Raccourci.lnk.004
    545e8523-3d85-46c7-897a-206a950cb828 – Raccourci.lnk.017

    The number chain seems to be a uplay account (the game in question is Rainbow Six siege).

    Can this be a bug or is this player hiding a cheat? Thank you so much in advance for your feedback.


    no this log is ok , the player put some shortcut in R6 profile directory and they get captured when they shouldnt, just ignore this part


    Alright, thanks. So the corruption of the zip is also due to that or is that another story?
    There‘s a second zip from the same player that is corrupted as well and can’t be opened, there’s an error message which says the file is damaged. We managed to repair with Winrar, but the zip then didn’t contain a logfile.


    yes the shortcuts created the corruption but message is just about shortcut not the whole zip.

    in second case it’s different ,
    or the player killed the moss process and should be penalized for ,
    or it’s pc suddenly switched off but that’s shouldnt happen often
    or moss crashed in this case the log is replaced in zip by a crash dump or at least the player should be able to provide a crash screen ( you have to put thats in rule)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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