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We suspect him for having some kind of wallhacks

What is Moss ? forums General We suspect him for having some kind of wallhacks


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    This player is suspected for using some sort of wall hacks, or intel hacks as he seems to always know everyone’s position and knows when and which height to pre-fire at. We have many suspicious clips of him from in-game as well.

    He submitted his MOSS file along with his teammates for 2 maps. His teammates have on average 100-120 screenshots recorded per map. But he only has 27 screenshots in the first map, and only 16 in the second map. Out of which 5 are completely black.

    He has ALT TABBED 124 times over the course of about 70 minutes.
    He was also using 2 VPNs, an onscreen keyboard tabtip.exe and teamviewer_service running.

    nohope please help me in this matter and see if you find anything suspicious with this player.

    Map 1:

    Map 2:

    P.S. He performed bad in the first map, and performed really good and suspicious in the second map. We don’t have his MOSS files for the previous match which was the match he was most suspected of using the hacks and after that we decided to use MOSS for next matches.


    the player log is pretty strange, a several vpn clients running and at least one in use.
    the zip is unaltered and there is no WH I can see in processes or screnshots.
    if there is something suspect it would be more a connection mess up , generating artificial lag or modem tapping ( if this is an issue in R6)

    BUT it may be intentional or not, my advice is to ask the player to remove the tools and to play on a clean machine, “ping reduction tools” or vpn can only be useful in some rare cases where routing path or peering is an issue

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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