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Using for Smurfs and no Turnaments?

What is Moss ? forums General Using for Smurfs and no Turnaments?

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    Im playing Black Squad and my aim is pretty good yet. So many tell me I m cheating and now, since some of my mates got banned, I got feared, that they could ban me innocent. But I got a few questions:

    Is MOSS a good possibility for me to the support of the game, so I proof my innocence?

    Is it screenshoting everything also outside of the game? For example Im doing personal things in a office document: will it just screenshot the game or what my monitor shows at this moment?

    Will it be a problem or difficult to use MOSS, when I play on different accounts? I got my main and 2 smurfs, cuz I cant play with some friends, because the difference between our rank points is to high.

    Sorry if there is a thread with this questions in it, but I havent found that.

    Thanks for answers!


    well , test it , you will get your answers

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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