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    I would like to know why in a call of duty 2 game I get the following
    sequence: ‘LEFT CLICK’ 47 (10) ‘D’ 43 (11) ‘LEFT CLICK’ [66 (17) ‘A’ 57 (21) ‘LEFT CLICK’] repeated 96 [42] times
    sequence: ‘LEFT CLICK’ 45 (15) ‘A’ 53 (13) ‘LEFT CLICK’ [62 (16) ‘D’ 50 (22) ‘LEFT CLICK’] repeated 87 [51] times
    sequence: ‘A’ 53 (21) ‘LEFT CLICK’ 61 (17) ‘D’ [49 (18) ‘LEFT CLICK’ 66 (19) ‘A’] repeated 61 [36] times
    sequence: ‘D’ 62 (23) ‘LEFT CLICK’ 65 (19) ‘A’ [51 (22) ‘LEFT CLICK’ 74 (21) ‘D’] repeated 50 [32] times
    sequence: ‘D’ 62 (23) ‘LEFT CLICK’ 65 (19) ‘A’ [51 (22) ‘LEFT CLICK’ 74 (21) ‘D’] repeated 50 [32] times

    which does not occupy fast weapons only sniper and traka
    I have an Asus gaming notebook with a mouse Repulic of gaming
    I would like to know please and many thanks before hands


    my mouse is by default which is a gamine mose of great precision and professional greetings

    and the left click can not create macro does not allow it so it does not work for the game and I’m rapids on the keyboard in moving a lot in the game Regards


    some mice programs allow to create macro on left clic ,some not
    as some needs a driver or a program and some not.
    and you always can find third party programs to create macro ( our write your own)

    Moss doesnt care of that , it just monitor keystroke and clic received by system

    about your sequence, it’s pretty fast so if you get accusated of macro and it’s not some people could be able to achieve same result.
    tbh I’m not but not a reference either


    this is my panel that is by default

    this a video of shot that I do not need any program

    and this is a video which is from the beginning of the panel so you can see that there is nothing macro installed and shoot just as fast and I enter with moss and then to the game YBbDbUcSfPQ

    which indicated and I reiterate my doubt that since I play at 250 fps and with my gaming notebook and professional mouse for games the moss has detected click only when I shoot with the garad that shows the video with other weapons does not detect any click I wait for an answer and greetings solution


    what comes out in the video is what the click detects and so shot almost always



    there is the video greetings I can not place it well but here is

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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