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Requesting Official Support for the game Warface

What is Moss ? forums Requesting Official Support for the game Warface

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    What for 1 – sorry, it’s my fault that I didn’t introduce myself: I’m one of admins on Warface ESL section (, you can clarify it to our MLA Max (

    2. Usually – yes, it’s need to be started before, but only usually, also don’t forget about macros related staff, it can be loaded even between rounds if needed. And there is different starting “solutions” as I know – so we have a risk to miss something.

    3. Last cup experience showed that 1 screen per minute isn’t enough in some cases – so maybe it isn’t so critical, but it will be better to have an ability to tune it up in some bandwidth.

    4. I mean the following the check integrity function ( – currently you can use it to check only one archive at a time, to you should click Browse button, select a file and click Check button. It’s not so difficult in a case of 1-5 files, but what if it’s about 10-15 files? Sometimes it’s needed to quickly check an archives for 2-3 matches, so it will be really cool to have an ability to select multiple files (or folder with files) and check it by one click.

    5. And in addition – I’ve remembered one more point while writing, it’s about ping measurement. As I guess, you’re checking ping to the same server from which MOSS downloading an updates – so during our last cup several players were confused little bit because they thought that it was ping to Warface servers. So is it possible to measure ping to Warface server in a case of appropriate settings selection? I mean Warface game selection in settings. The FQDN of main Warface entry point is

    Best regards,


Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)
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