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Rainbow 6 Siege : Black Screen in ESL.

What is Moss ? forums Rainbow 6 Siege : Black Screen in ESL.

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    One of my friend (who cant speak english properly) asked me to come here and ask for help.

    His problem is : His MOSS only capture black screen when he’s playing in full screen 4/3.
    He can play in windowed mode 16/9 (and MOSS works) but apparently he has trouble playing with 16/9 (frame rate loss and he doesn’t have a 16/9 screen).

    Anyway, we tried running his MOSS on compatibility mode with admin rights, it didnt worked. We tried with the game also, didnt work. He’s running W7.

    I’ll be glad if you can help us, because we had a problem with his MOSS and we lost (due to a contest), and we missed our shot for the Pro League S3.


    without a recent log I cant really help , anyway I added in a recent recent a game parameters file capture aka GameSettings.ini , thus you cant find a player with same OS and correct screens to compare your game settings


    Alright. Here’s the log file from his .zip from the match. Is it enough?


    I hope you’ll be abled to help us.

    Thanks again.


    LogMeIn Mirror Driver driver: 7.1.542.0
    D:\Fullscreen.exe while current version is 21

    his machine is everything but clean


    hi nohope , its for me the problem of moss, thank you for your answers, I try even without the “fullscreen.exe” and hamachi but without success, I really do not know what to do …

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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