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    Hello nohope,

    I tested this without an issue, nice work!

    Am I right with what this program does?
    Basic functions, once you stop the program, a zip is created with screen captures, log files, user config settings.

    There is no way to set an auto upload destination, correct?
    For example if this was used for a an e-sports website.

    Also are these id’s unique to that user? ID Sign ID1: 157070889 ID2: 1227365119

    Will they remain the same until user changes hardware?


    features are on home page, you are correct for the zip content , each images and zip itself is secured with a sha2 CRC to avoid players edit it , Moss includes a checker to validate ZIP integrity
    posting is not a problem , managing the location is. Right now players have to do it , it allow any organization to use it wether they have a hosting site or not

    and yes IDs are hardware based (no link with IP or PC GUID)


    OK, thanks for the feedback.

    So I assume you dont actually implement the “cheats” but just provide the ability to view processes/game files for users to make their own determination, correct?

    Are there private forum areas for League admins on here, or do we just Q&A you for all our needs in your public question area?

    What is the biggest difference between the ESL script versus the script you provide here for download?


    yes, you have the cheat compare the sha, if not ask for suspect exe

    yes , you have access to

    if the question is about the Moss version in use by ESL , it’s the same. if it’s about Wire , both are different programs with different goals


    Ahh ok, I didnt realize Wire and Moss were different. I just thought ESL Wire was a built up form of Moss.

    We at , are looking for something. We are trying to revive a once thriving community. At this time we cant fund the build of our own AC client, but donating to something like your MOSS project is more than doable for us.

    So a few more questions if I may:

    From what I have read in the forums, MOSS is Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 compatible?

    How long do you plan on continuing the MOSS project?
    (I just want to make sure you don’t plan on taking this down in the near future)

    If our League decides to use MOSS, we would create our own forum section (our website) to discuss it. Is that ok?

    And could we direct people to your forums for support?
    (if we as admins cant answer their questions)

    Essentially we would try to answer as many questions/problems at our site before sending the masses over here.

    We would have some form of advertisement on our site crediting you and your program, pending your approval.


    this topic has been moved to a league admin only forum

    moss supports from xp to 10 , however the directx 11 API is incomplete in some ways on windows 7 and 8.1
    it has to be checked game by game and OS by OS to ensure screenshot are corrects.

    you can use Moss for free , as long you link my site and credit it.

    you cant host a moss copy for download , anyway it’s useless as moss autoupdate as soon you run it

    you have have your own forum , if it’s in english I can read it and help you if needed

    Moss exists for 5 years , it’s not a business but a hobby , I dont plan to stop it. there are around 1000 games a day using moss

    I have no ressource for support , so I prefer you handle as many support you can on your forum.

    my skype is nohope92


    Thanks for info,

    If you don’t mind I will throw out a few more questions, just so I am clear about everything.

    Depending on the game and if its DX11, Windows 7 and 8.1 users will always have incomplete screen shots or is it just random blank screen shots?

    Is the DX11 issue something your are close to resolving?

    You say these ID’s are unique based on user hardware: Sign ID1: 157070889 ID2: 1227365119
    What is the purpose of 2 ID’s? And will there always be 2?

    Is this section private to League admins only and I could I request fellow TeamWarfare admins be granted permission to this section?

    What is needed if we to want add a game not on the list?
    Say Black Ops 3 for example.

    Basically we would could use MOSS to:

      alleviate smurfing (having a ringer on team)
      Screen Shots
      Game config (client side)
      All running processes on clients pc (this would give us the ability to make our own judgement of what user is running)

    We at TeamWarfare would create a forum for Q&A and it would be very helpful having you registered as “Developer” whenever you want to post on issues on our forums.

    We as TWL admins would learn as much as we can about the program from using or what we learn from your site, to ensure you wouldn’t just be overloaded with questions here.


    there is a very few things random in this world , screenshot depends of DX11 features use by game; the thing I cant do is hooking dx11 to get the screen , this is a cheat behavior and will or get the hook removed or program blacklisted
    Id’q are 2: one is PC related the other to network , with PC tech details and those ID’s. player most probably need a 2nd Pc to get over your control.

    I can add other people but not too many , still an issue to manage this forum

    I can add any game, AAA games are directx 11 only so until microsoft upgrade dx11 on 7 and 8 to windows level, I wont be able to shoot them

    Sign ID1: 227229603 ID2: 1554682887
    => MOSS UUID

    One ID is PC and the other is Network?
    Is ID1 or ID2 the Hardware ID?
    SO if the player takes their PC to say a friends house and play. Do they get a different Network ID?

    Understood on the DX 11 issue, I guess we can always fall back on the log files when it comes to those games and issues.
    Just a curious thought, does playing in Windowed mode over Full-screen affect the DX11 issue?

    OK, I think I have enough information to move forward.
    I am going to get a few of my admins to do some testing and familiarize themselves with MOSS.
    My next step would be (after a short testing period) to create a rule-set for using MOSS for us and also setting up forums.

    When you can, could you register at


    1 is hardware, 2 is network . no he has to change the NIC to change the ID
    so far I know , yes the problem only occurs in full screen mode where game creates a private dx11 device


    Ahh ok…..I cant think of any questions at this time, you have been more than diligent in answering everything.

    I am going through some testing with MOSS and our staff over the next few days……I will be back 🙂


    OK new question nohope…

    I am trying to figure out how to read this:

    – Keyboard and mouse Macros uses detected and reported including Keys, timing and uses count

    I am either missing this or dont know what I am looking for. Could you give me an example of how it would look? (I am looking at the log file)

    OR it could be that the log file I am looking at , macros weren’t used.

    Quote from nohope on February 2, 2016, 23:38
    1 is hardware, 2 is network . no he has to change the NIC to change the ID
    so far I know , yes the problem only occurs in full screen mode where game creates a private dx11 device

    Which hardware is the 1 ID tied to:
    Motherboard? Hard drive?


    I dont want to detail as I cant change it if bypassed.



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