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Question regarding MOSS Logfile

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    Hello dear Devs,

    I have a question. I played a match today and the opponents team and my team had all logfiles which seemed absolutely normal, except one opponent.

    After about 10 screens, the logfile writes

    (Mon 1) DX11(147) : Each 120 at Server Connection unavailable… file: 023.JPG- Zip CRC: 43de69744a6098911af708531bf932d546c90ef862632c4445cf7b148bea36fb
    Server Connection unavailable…ms
    (Mon 2) DX11(266) : Each 120 at Server Connection unavailable… file: 024.JPG- Zip CRC: dffb571fefd3576a8b5a24f0581102c2af837d367a8b0e19a88d2235452fd5f9
    Server Connection unavailable…ms
    HIDDEN PATH\GameSettings.ini SHA2: 81fa609d3576b12ad75d457ba5233e20d1cb0407b51b6914f98368a7d6fe84bf
    captured file: GameSettings.ini.008- Zip CRC: 81fa609d3576b12ad75d457ba5233e20d1cb0407b51b6914f98368a7d6fe84bf

    A) What means “Server Connection unvailable…” and how does that happen? Does not seem normal :/ All other 9 Players in that match have accurate timestamps, just this one guy.

    B) HIDDEN PATH: Why does it write HIDDEN PATH? By all 9 other players it is written normal and not 20 different GameSettings.ini files in the MOSS File.

    Would appreciate a timely response alot!

    Best regards,


    Server Connection unavailable => Moss cant reach it’s server , could be a real network problem , a firewall or QOS block , or a tapping issue.
    it has to be confirmed with in game events

    I will check later where HIDDEN PATH



    can you be more specific please? What you mean with QOS Block and tapping issue?

    If you want, I can give you a link to the full logfile

    2 Logfiles from the same user. Interestingly he first has proper timestamps and then after 10-15 screenshots it shows “Server Connection unavailable…”

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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