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Please help clarify the log file.

What is Moss ? forums General Please help clarify the log file.

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    Please help clarify the contents of the following log file because there are several things strange to me. link

    1. MOSS ran for more than 90 minutes but only recorded 39 pictures. Capture frequency = 60s What is the reason for the few pictures?
    2. The log file contains “FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF *” entries. What is this? So far, I have not seen such entry in other log file.
    3. Does the log file contain something that refers to the use of a macro?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Bone DaDDy


    I would like to add to this case, that the player’s moss didn’t make any screenshot during the game(maybe 1-2). Every other screenshot was made during character selection or loading screen, where there is very little CPU usage. Could it be that his CPU starved the MOSS process it self?
    Also, he has active running Windows PowerShell because of… reasons… He have moss file from the same day where he has no powershell running in the background, and there is much LESS F*- in his log file (this file).

    Thanks for your answer!


    yes correct this log is far to be clean , F is a warning message meaning Moss get freezes (externals ones) similar but shorter to “Moss was inactive for” as it appears too in log.
    it may happen if PC is under stress for a short time or if PC is too low end for the game, but in this case when it happens the game experience is of course highly affected. if the only victim is the Moss process , it means Moss is the target.

    Generic game choice also should generate a screen each minute (it’s a medium value to make the exact screen time unpredictable), which is far to be the case in your log.
    and finally the game selected should be “R6” and not “generic”

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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