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    first i would like to thank for moss, it is very good tool for graphical cheats. We use it with Generic game for Vietcong in czsk ESL. But anything is wrong. With other games is MOSS fain, but with Vietcong were destroy some graphic cards ( really destroy ) four nVidia 550 and one nVidia 560. They start Vietcong with MOSS and in couple of minutes were artifacts and death. It is 100% associated with the use MOSS and Vietcong.

    It’s not about blaming, no! Each uses moss at your own risk.

    But where is mistake? It is hoped that it will be resolved?

    Thx for your work and answer.

    G*lost*ER, Vietcong MLA

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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