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Moss Sequences?

What is Moss ? forums Moss Sequences?

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    Sup guys,
    some jelly plebs try to drown me in alot of shitload.
    Now they found something what they refer to as a “no recoil script”

    Can someone please tell me what exactly this Moss-Entry is and why it could be in my moss?
    sequence: ‘0x27’ 15(0) ‘LEFT CLIC’ 36(28) ‘LEFT CLIC’ [70(78) ‘LEFT CLIC’ 75(83) ‘LEFT CLIC’] repeated 5[5] times

    or another one that says
    sequence: ‘0x27’ 21(6) ‘LEFT CLIC’ 51(38) ‘LEFT CLIC’ [75(72) ‘LEFT CLIC’ 36(25) ‘LEFT CLIC’] repeated 5[5] times

    also a few ones that look like this
    sequence: ‘A’ 93(63) ‘D’ 75(44) ‘W’ 102(76) ‘SHIFT’ 59(36) ” repeated 7 times
    sequence: ‘0x9’ 112(57) ‘0x9’ 112(57) ‘SHIFT’ 112(57) ‘W’ 112(57) ” repeated 6 times

    what exactly does this stand for and why do some ballistic idiots say its some kind of script/macro?

    best regards,


    This issue is under investigating with the CM in charge, give him time to state

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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