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MOSS on windows 10

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    So since windows 10 coming soon , will MOSS going to support it ?
    i mean in the windows 8.1 / 8 you have to run your game as compatibility mode with windows XP in order to get a visible ss and that results in the drop of the fps in some games and some graphiqs glitches ( like unability to change the brightness , vsync problems etc)
    thats why most of us still want to use the windows 7
    so we all hope that this problem can be fixed , because every gamer now going to run the windows 10 bcuz of the directX 12 which all game going to be using it and which is also restricted in win 10 only.. if MOSS will going to have the same prob with the 8 then i can gurantee that noone would use this anti cheat again


    “windows XP” ?
    “noone would use this anti cheat again” ?

    which answer do you expect ?


    what i want to say can moss work on the windows 10 without going to the compatibility ways like win 8 , an official support…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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