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Moss log check automation

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    I’m working on a tool for automating parsing and check of uploaded moss zip files (check for ip between upload <-> logfile, checksum on screenshots, checksum on .exe of the game etc..) on my linux serv and I struggle to find the correct way to calculate the global log CRC from the Logfile.log. I tried to replace the checksum by 64 zeroes, removing the last line, removing only the hash, playing with the carriage return etc. (I assumed it was sha256, maybe is it something else ?)

    What is the correct way to calculate the CRC of the Logfile.log ?
    Otherwise if you don’t want to provide the method, is there any tool existing to check the integrity of the log zip from moss on linux ?


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    the CRC has a passphrase as it’s the security to ensure zip/log is untouched , if I give the passphrase anyone can fake the zip
    there is no automated tool to check a ZIP right , I can add a command line to generate a check but it will be directly in moss



    Thank you for your answer. I understand for the passphrase. The command line would be greatly appreciated !

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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