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Moss crash on stop recording?

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    I’ll start the recording for MOSS and then I’ll end it without opening any other games just to see the file, but it crashes and I don’t know if the zip it gives me will count as defective or not when I have to upload it. Is there a way to verify that it still works?


    hello good night happens the same for other games at the time of placing stop, and see the files what I get and check out damaged, but when checking by the moss the file comes out that is ok.
    Some solution for this since it is sudden in a general way the error
    since we are in competition with Call oF Duty 2 Chile vs Argentina


    please share the zip and eventual .dmp files
    a correct zip can be checked tru moss checker menu


    that file does not let me open it says error but it has windosw operating system 7 32 nose why does that mistake have put in call of duty 2 and put stops stop to see the file and this happens why this happens? ‘

    some solution of the team since it is in competition of league call of duty 2 ??

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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