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    Hi nohope,
    ive tested the MOSS “Check Tool” just to see is it working good.
    I start MOSS and after a cupple of seconds i closed ( just for test ).
    When i deleted one ss in zip file and chech the zip, it says the file is corrupted which is right.
    When i went in logfile and delete some sentence inside, saved it, closed the window of logfile, and when i was trying to check the zip file, MOSS just crashed and happend everytime i was trying to check it. Can you fix that problem cuz someone might delete something in logfile and we wont see if the zip file is ok or corrupted and player will try to deffend himself that he didnt do anything which we dont want to have those problems.



    I guess you removed last line, send me the zip by mail , I’ll check


    Yeah i just removed last line for example i removed only this: Wire is not running
    Global log CRC: 161d8b874ff471d3b1a9b7796836e315344e1d9a3ce2abc40eca73377445d9c7

    Then i saved it, closed the window of logfile and check it and then moss crashed.
    But i see now its fixed with the new update so thanks for it. 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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