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    is this a bug were your software captures 289 moss ss in 71 mins.
    i have the moss zip, it comes back as ok.

    this is not the first time this player has provided a moss with 200+ ss in it.
    i thought moss was every 60 seconds a ss is took so how in 71 mins can moss take 289 ss??



    well it’s usally because something tries to prevent moss to screen , just share the log , I will confirm

    Participant moss file
    this is the logfile with the 289 moss ss in 71 mins.
    i know hes using bypass to stop moss and add extra ss.
    This is a zip file of the bypass method:

    I would of sent the bypass applications but its public this post so anyone can view and download it.
    if you havent got it, i can send it to you personally via email for you to look at and figure out a stop of the bypass..

    email me at if you need it..


    as a test i used this method to see if i could do it and i got 125 moss ss in 15mins with a clean file..

    im sad to say your moss is bypassed, mate..
    please update it to block this bypass asap if possible


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    really u think after so many updates its working? im i would be happy if u include ur moss archive which is bypassed by u.


    the bypass is working i showed javokic it, i ss the suspension in moss when bypass is on and off.. i hope the owner of moss puts a block on this and shooter will be fucked then.

    even jakovic was suprised its working but yes the bypass is active..


    Hey mate can you confirm for me in the zip file i uploaded for you, what is the * before the (mon 1 ) dx11 etc jpg file??
    Is it the printscreen button being pressed?

    I done a clean moss without the printscreen and no *
    but on the bypass i pressed the printscreen and it appeared



    I’m investigating the issue , but what is sure is blocking moss is a bad idea as moss starts countermeasures and makes more screens than scheduled .
    so if you see players with a high numbers of screens , you can suspect a failed block attempt


    a failed block attempt but hes provided a clean zip alongside hundreds of ss using the printscreen.
    everyone knows he has bypassed his moss, i gave 2 moss bypasses using his method, i didnt want to do it but im sick and tired of players like him hacking and providing clean zip, btw i use fraps and demo not moss so i did this for the proof it works still.

    if your next update can include a coding source to block printscreen and stop the suspension in task manager to allow moss to work normal, it would stop alot of players from bypassing.
    thanks for your reply and time.. please keep me updated..
    and can you find out what is the * in the logfile, we need printscreen blocked in moss..


    also the bypass uses printscreen to add ss to moss file, ive tried it countless times and when moss is suspended you can press printscreen.
    but also i found when the screen block is not active on screen you can press printscreen to add more ss to moss aswell.

    we are all desperate for you to update moss with the block to stop moss from being bypassed, i know you are busy.

    If you confirm that * printscreen is used to add ss in the bypass we can bust this player, also confirm that the zip i gave you with the bypass method in it is BYPASSED..
    we all know it is but you are the owner of moss, so last word is with you.
    alot of players dont like moss now and using fraps so would be nice for a confirm on this and a new update for all players to be safe with and no ss block.


    its me SHooTeR here who’s Moss is posted here ..
    i dont know why its taking alot SS its started from 1 week because i was using before but it was totally fine.
    the guys is saying that i used Spotify which is actually Music software to bypass this Moss but yestarday i Uninstalled the Spotify Software from my computer and Used Moss 1 time in Public and 1 time in Clanwar but still i got Many SS.
    in Public Match i got 38 SS for only 10 mnts while in Clanwar i got 338 SS again in Moss without That spotify SOftware…

    Kindly tell me what is acutally the problem\
    Note: Today i will send me 2 new Moss that Yestarday i made after Uninstalling Spotify Software as well..
    Thank You !!

    NoD SHooTeR


    Dark i requested You to Post Your Moss as well from any CW played with Us ….

    I will Upload my 2 more yestrday Moss as well in night …

    Upload Your Moss as well DARK !!!!!!!


    Dear Nohope Moss Developer i need your Answer about this Issue because this Guy is accusing me everywhere to bypassing Moss without any kind of Proof !!

    I dont need this guy DARK Thoeries that he do Bypass…..

    i want You to check My Moss is My Moss BYPASSED or not ???

    Thank You !!


    Dude i have no concern with Your Moss.. When my Moss will Declared Clean because it is clean then ur mouth will shutup…

    Dear nohope I will upload following mosses today:

    1. The Moss that Dark Posted about that It’s Bypassed
    2. The More Mosses That made when Spotify installed
    3. The Mosses after uninstalling Spotify app…

    Lets See now Who is Right and who is Fcking Wrong!!


    Dear nohope,

    Check My Moss that it’s Bypassed or Normal…

    The Bypassed or whatever Moss Provided by Dark i don’t care about that Moss or the way he bypassed i have no concern with it…

    My concern to you is that Check Only My Moss that Is it Bypassed or Normal?

    Now it will clear that who is right and who is wrong who can bypassed and who cannot lol.

    Thank You!!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 30 total)
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