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    moss.exe GAMECODE
    will start moss and monitor the game , when player stops the monitoring, moss autoclose and update the registry with ZIP file name just created :
    LAST_LOG value contains the path to file

    to start moss whereever it is :
    LAST_PATH value contains the path to moss.exe

    GAMECODEs available are :

    Crossfire CROSSFIRE
    PointBlank POINTBLANK
    Generic Game GENERIC
    CombatArms COMBATARMS
    Skill Special Force SKIL
    BattleField 2 BF2
    CS2D CS2D
    Alliance of Valiant Arms AVA
    Blackshot BLACKSHOT
    Ghost Recon GHOSTRECON
    Enemy Territory ET
    Phantomers PHANTOMERS
    F.E.A.R F.E.A.R
    Vietcong VIETCONG
    Soldier Front SOLDIERFRONT
    Nosgoth NOSGOTH
    COD MW3 MW3
    COD 4 COD4
    Metro Conflict MC
    test Game Test
    Flash Game FLASHPLAYER
    Rainbow Six R6
    BattleField 4 BF4
    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive CSGO
    Black Ops 3 CODBOIII
    Soldier of Fortune SOF
    Modern Warfare 2 MW2
    Insurgency INSURGENCY
    Dirty Bomb DIRTYBOMB
    Counter Strike 1.6 cs16
    Counter Strike 1.6 CS16
    Call Of Duty 2 COD2
    Rocket League ROCK
    Paladins PALA
    Zula ZULA
    Delta Force Black Hawk Down DFBHD
    Line of Sight LOS
    Star Citizen STAR
    Call of Duty : Modern Warfare Remastered MWR
    Armored Warfare AWF
    Sniper Elite SNI
    Aliens versus Predator AVP
    BattleField 1 BF1
    Rising Storm 2 RS2
    Call Of Duty 1.1 COD1
    Black Squad BSQD
    PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds PUBG
    H1Z1 : King of the Kill H1Z1
    Fortnite FORT
    Call of Duty: WWII CODWW2
    Wolfteam WOLFTEAM
    The DRG Initiative DRG
    League of Legends LOL
    Dota 2 DOTA2
    Battalion 1944 BAT44
    Ballistic Overkill BALLOK
    Mount&Blade Warband WARDBD
    Ironsight IRON
    Escape from Tarkov EFT
    Black Ops 4 BO4
    BattleField 5 BF5
    OverWatch OVW
    Modern Combat 5 MC5
    Ring of Elysium ROE
    APEX Legends APE
    Master Arena MAR


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