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    Nohope would it be possible (whenever time permits), to compile a list of all the possible replies you may get from the log file checker and the meaning for each?

    Example replies I have seen:

      LOG corrupted
      ZIP corrupted
      Invalid file
      LOG touched

    I will , this week end when Ill be home


    good deal…this would be helpful


    on update part : InternetConnectFailure InternetSessionFailure, ConfigDownloadFailure , FileDownloadFailure, NoExecutableVersion, UpdateNotRequired, UpdateNotComplete match with errors from 1 to 7 (6 is not an error )

    ZIP corrupted : I cant unzip the zip or I cant fnind the global crc
    LOG corrupted : the global CRC is invalid
    LOG touched : log has been edited after zip
    ZIP X corrupted or missing : image crc doesnt match or file is misisng

    Invalid file : global result in case of error

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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