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Is he using anything suspicious? For PUBG

What is Moss ? forums General Is he using anything suspicious? For PUBG


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    Here are the links to the logfiles

    He has been getting insane kills and he has 90%+ TOP 10 and 70%+ winrate in matches from his stats.
    Recently he became winners for our tournament and his playstyle is a bit suspicious.

    Another player

    Thanks a ton ^_^


    both may use a vpn which is always strange in esport , the second player has a macro on W ( nobody can press w 25 times in a second or twice in 30 ms)


    Thanks for your quick reply. Will help me out in declaring the result.


    Hi could you please check ALL the logs for all matches for player 2 especially log 6.
    The issue is that the player has a ‘key chatter’ issue with his W key, so sometimes when he presses W it often comes up 2,3 or 4 times while typing text. It does not affect him in game as he uses W to run forward, but I can understand if moss sees this as macros.

    Please check all logs especially log 6 and let me know please. He uses a Corsair K70 keyboard, and google gives multiple key chatter issues as well.

    1 – which u saw
    2 –
    3 –
    4 –
    5 –
    6 –
    7 –

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    key chatter is a legit problem, but that doesn’t mean a key gets pressed 25 times per second.
    key chatter can occur up to 4 times at max. Even the keyboard firmware will not allow it because it is technically known as debouncing which is coded by the manufacturer to eliminate it. So even with the debouncing algorithm there might be some key chatter which is as i said can be within 2-4 times per second.
    My 2 cents as an Electrical Engineer.

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    Give me a new windows > no keyboard software > no mouse software > and I’ll reproduce the issue in moss for you. You can then check the keyboard software and the mouse software, and if you still have issue or find any macros let me know 🙂


    to make the things clear Moss consider the keydown move , not the fact they key is down. so if moss says it detected twice a W key pressure in 40 ms it because the system received twice the key down event in 40 ms , which is humanly impossible and even more repeated 100’s time with the almost exact same timing.
    both the timing of the same key and the regularity of the the event makes me consider it’s a macro

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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