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Is he using any macro/cheats?

What is Moss ? forums General Is he using any macro/cheats?


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    Just checking if this player is using any macro in his games. He won these 3 games where he had 200+ ping. All of his matches has high ping and he is fragging like crazy. Is there a possibility that he is using vpn to use cheats too?

    The other games he had 50/60 ping and he didn’t play that good.

    Moss link –

    Please do let me know. We need to verify this before we publish the results of our tournament.


    These seems to be some problems with the moss files. I will upload the files in the given link as soon I get the moss files. Sorry about this!


    none of the 4 files demonstrate a macr : not enough events , too much spreaded , a bit slow for a useful macro or at least slow enough to human
    I dont know if latency is an issue in your game, but you should warn and eventually forbid players about VPNs and P2P software while playing competitive.
    or they penalize themselves or it may be a gate for some abuses

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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