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Invalid windows configuration

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    I’ve been attempting to use moss so that i can compete with my friends in rainbow six siege, however whenever i attempt to launch moss i get the message “invalid windows configuration” and nothing else. I’ve tried restarting and repairing my windows management instrumentation service and that hasn’t fixed the problem. I’ve also tried testing moss compatibility with other versions of windows in the programs properties which has also not worked, and I have the most recent version of windows. Please help me fix moss on my computer, thank you


    also whenever I uninstall moss and reinstall it, the first time I try to launch it i get the message “an update to of moss x64 version is now available. proceed with the update…” however pressing ok just causes it to disappear and launching the application again gives me the “invalid windows configuration”message


    if you download moss X86 it will autoupgrade to X64 before any action.
    about wmi try the test :
    and post the result

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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