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In some cases,MOSS can;t catch the right full-screen.

What is Moss ? Forums Bugs In some cases,MOSS can;t catch the right full-screen.

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    hi,i’m a r6s player.

    in recently’s update( to,i find out that in some cases,MOSS can’t correct the right full screen.
    i’ll update fully moss soon(i think i can find more than one cases……)

    now,i find out:
    when a player in r6s,doen’t use the same resolution as he use in system(like,2K screen,but 1080p in games).
    when he boot the game, moss will capture a very strange resolution(in my first test,it’s 2048×1152).

    i don’t know why could happened like this,so i post it as a bug……

    in the recently update,i remember it’s,i suddendely find out moss can serach player’s keyboard/mouse setting file.
    but i only find out it can capture Corsair iCUE and Logitech G HUB well,is now moss only can capture these?
    and,in MOSS,it can’t capture my iCUE and G HUB setting files,and it even can’t catch my R6S’s GameSettings.ini.

    is this a bug or,just new feature?
    hope for some help.


    there has been a complete reengineering of capture file system to add the mice stuff. please share a zip of your issues with last version


    i can’t see my reply,i’ll try reply later


    sample moss 1
    this is a moss(version is5.7.7.0)
    this moss can’t capture the right resolution(can see 001.jpg,it’s 2048×1152)


    sample moss 2
    this is only a moss’s logfile,which i saved at version
    this version fixed the problem that can’t save my GameSettings.ini and Corsair iCUE setting,but it still can’t save my Logitech Gaming Software’s profile
    (i hate G HUB so i didn’t install on my computer)


    sample moss 3
    this is a moss(version my friend,which he uses SteelSeeries’s Keyboard/Mouse/Earphone,and he uses SteelSeeries Engine 3.
    but moss can’t save his SteelSerries’s profile,i don’t know it’s a bug,or just a feature.
    now i can only sure moss can capture Corsair iCUE and Logitech G HUB.


    hey nohope,i think i found something maybe useful to you.
    i find out,not only the people that running diffrenet resolution in game and normal use.
    in some cases(but i need to find out why……),it will captured the first screenshot.
    in 0.8x max resolution.

    i find another moss that has the same problem,that the 001.jpg is 1536×864.
    it’s 1920×1080’s 0.8x.


    i find out how to keep moss”can’t catch the right full-screen”.
    in Windows settings,change the display scale to another valve.
    like,surface,this small-sized 3000×2000,uses 200% scale.
    and some people who uses screen that a little bit small,will change this valve to 125% to 150%.
    this will make moss’s first screen captured as a wrong result.


    thanks for the feed back I will have a look to your logs

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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