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How to get your game added

What is Moss ? forums How to get your game added

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    It’s quite easy to add a game to Moss, once added game will be available in next Moss selfupdate (which happens usually once a week) , to get a game added I need the following information:

    – the game name
    – the game main process name aka the game EXE , if you dont know how to find it : start the game , and find in processes list which process look like your game. If you still dont know ask someone 😯

    Optionally, Moss is able to track game linked files , it could be :
    – captured files embedded in final ZIP to let you check if some forbidden settings are used
    – monitored files where just a checksum is calculated , all players should have all the same checksum for a specific file, if not the file has been edited…

    to get those files , I need to know their names and locations and If you need to get them
    captured or monitored

    Moss doesn’t store cheat images, no need to send me cheats , read the signature in log whatever the name the player gave.
    Moss is a Windows application , I have no short term plan to port it on IOS , Android or Linux, Playstation.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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