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How do I download and use MOSS?

What is Moss ? forums How do I download and use MOSS?

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    I clicked on “download” on the right hand side menu under “LINKS” and it told me if I wanted to run MOSS and I just hit “yes” and then a screen popped up saying the software is not responsible for blah blah blah and that it doesn’t collect third party information. Then on the bottom it said “Moss is set for: Generic Game Capture frequency is a screen each 60s” in a pop-up on the top right that I cannot minimize or get rid of without actually closing MOSS. I went to check the MOSS folder on my desktop and it’s empty there doesn’t seem to be any program there that I can run, I don’t know if that is a file there for me where all my video game files will save once I use MOSS in-tandem with wire while playing in tournaments for siege, but I’m confused. Can someone please help me on how to install and use MOSS? Thank you.


    choose your game in file/parameters then click on start , Moss will minimize and start recording
    at the end of your game , pop up Moss and click on stop , moss will create a zip file with your log and screen , post it on tournament site , do not edit the zip file in anyway , it would become invalid


    Where do I locate “file/parameters”?



    To minimize just press windows key + D

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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