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    Crash moss

    I opened the moss and started the game but i got stuck in the game due Moss interference thus i closed game and closed the moss, and reopen the moss then started the capture and waited like 10 sec and it says start game so i started the game but i got stucked again due Moss interference, so i had to close it and close the moss then i started it for third time and waited for 10 sec again and see it says start the game so i start the game and it worked good so i checked again to see if it didn’t crash but it seems it worked fine and so i went gaming then after the game i see the pic above it still got crashed so i’m here with displeased and believe the latest update caused it, can you please look into this problem and if you need anything on’t worry and message me!! 🙂


    could you share the crash dump file


    I don’t have any crash dump file but i do have zip with ini.files of the game


    Hi I have the same. What is strange -it is sometime working, sometime not .

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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