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Corrupted MOSS files.

What is Moss ? forums Corrupted MOSS files.

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    hello nohope admins,

    I this strange question, Ive been playing Special force2 lately on ESL, we had a cup and MOSS was mandatoy, The fact is that I had all my files “corrupted”, logfile and pictures, and the admins on esl want to disqualify my team becouse my MOSS files where corrupted, And the main thing is I did not touch the MOSS files except entering it and looking, I did not even type and delete what I typed, I did nothing except watching my own pictures and entering to the MOSS logfile for like 20 sec’s …and after everyone, maybe like 60-100 users checked my MOSS files, they all saw the same, I do not have a directX version (its like I do not even have it) and that the MOSS is corrupted, SO WHAT IS THE PROBLEM ? I REALLY DIDNT TOUCH IT PLEASE HELP ME BEFORE I GET DISQUALIFIED !!!
    I have more like 24 hours, please help me out here , btw the anti virus did mention some notifaction’s but I cannot recognize any files deleted.
    The only weird thing that my logfiles have is that it doesn’t show my DirectX version. Every MOSS file I checked had their directX version in it, but mine doesn’t
    MOSS file :

    best regards, Natan ‘mReus’ Yatsyk on esl.


    No need an answer, I quit that game and got kicked by my team 😀 bb


    no directx means you have to install directx extensions from

    touched file means you changed something , it’s forbidden to edit the file in any way so dont open it if you have nothing to hide

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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