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    can you check this moss for me? Why is it doing too few screenshots?
    almost two hour of play and only 16
    other players accuse me of editing files

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    that’s pretty strange and shouldnt happen , is that the first time it happen to this player ?


    hello, i think player bypass mosss it’s possible? his moss started and stoped
    like the other players but 13 ss in , and all player 23 ss how it’s possible?
    his moss
    my moss
    i ask this player and look what he say
    [14:19] bREAVEr`666: 🙂
    [14:20] Hit[S]>mag!cC<: mosss = not generic game pls go in seting and select cod4
    [14:20] Hit[S]>mag!cC<: in moss
    [14:20] bREAVEr`666: what are u talking about
    [14:20] bREAVEr`666: i gave u link about my moss last cw
    [14:21] Hit[S]>mag!cC<: open moss select files , seting and select cod4
    [14:21] bREAVEr`666: i already did that lol
    [14:22] Hit[S]>mag!cC<: you know bandicam?
    [14:22] bREAVEr`666: ya
    [14:22] Hit[S]>mag!cC<: it’s good ?
    [14:22] bREAVEr`666: it is
    [14:22] Hit[S]>mag!cC<: how time u play cod4
    [14:22] bREAVEr`666: 6 years
    [14:23] Hit[S]>mag!cC<: i play 10 year
    [14:23] Hit[S]>mag!cC<: and break for play black ops 1 / 2 / 3
    [14:23] Hit[S]>mag!cC<: zombi
    [14:23] Hit[S]>mag!cC<: lol
    [14:23] bREAVEr`666: nice
    [14:25] Hit[S]>mag!cC<: but i never play whit hack
    [14:25] Hit[S]>mag!cC<: and i think many player hack mosss and wh + moss
    [14:26] bREAVEr`666: yea right
    [14:26] bREAVEr`666: they bypas it
    [14:26] Hit[S]>mag!cC<: not cool
    [14:26] Hit[S]>mag!cC<: this player kill cod4
    [14:26] Hit[S]>mag!cC<: and now many player leave this game
    [14:27] Hit[S]>mag!cC<: but in logfile we can see is bypaas
    [14:27] Hit[S]>mag!cC<: no we cant
    [14:27] Hit[S]>mag!cC<: so mosss is shit
    [14:28] bREAVEr`666: yaa
    [14:28] bREAVEr`666: it is
    [14:47] Hit[S]>mag!cC<: so you use bypass, it’s not possible play cod4 when u play
    [14:48] bREAVEr`666: bro fuckk off
    [14:48] Hit[S]>mag!cC<: you only rush on player , you never ie
    [14:48] Hit[S]>mag!cC<: you amazing hacker

    can u help me???


    no check sessions length versus screens number : 14 minutes / 12 screens versus 24 minutes 23 screens , nothing abnormal , unless the game really last more than 14 minutes


    What is the probability to bypass moss?
    I see cmd.exe opened during play for some players, is it a potential cheat to bypass moss by using some cheats with cmd during game?
    Thx for your efforts.


    not null of course but more or less complicated depending what you call bypass
    anyone can crash it, but faking the result is harder
    there is always someone who can , starting with me btw.
    like any anticheat


    Thank you i got it.
    1-But my real question is about cmd,
    Can anybody cheat during game using comand prompt so that only we can see cmd.exe opened in log, and in fact he sent cheat commands to the game?
    2-how no recoil mouse script (what is the buttons of keyboard shown) is red in sequence, if you can give a sample.
    3-can a player change the name of a cheat program to a normal process name to misslead log?

    Thank you

    (I tried to donate… but it is paypal, not supported in Lebanon 🙁


    cmd is just a shell program , used to launch batch and other processes , not a cheat , you can always check it’s SHA2 against same OS other pc
    anyone can rename a cheat to any name , if it’s a publc the SHA2 will bust him as it wont change
    privates or hidden processes are another story

    moss is not AC which will ban a player, it’s publisher’s stuff. Moss is intented to target issues not adressed in regular ACs , like bug use, macro, overclock, or serial cheaters.

    No nned to donate , hopefully I got a real job


    Sure you did a nice job!
    Hidden processes are detected?
    And for my no recoil macro mouse script question, what to read for tuning x and y of mouse in sequence?


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