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Can’t start MOSS with gamecode (CSGO)

What is Moss ? forums Bugs Can’t start MOSS with gamecode (CSGO)

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    I’m unable to start the moss.exe (or the mossx64.exe) with the gamecode CSGO
    I tried it with a small C# console-application and a cmd session. In both cases moss only appears in the taskmanager (for several seconds) and then ‘closes’ it self immediately after.
    However it creates a .dmp File with an error (it’s the same for the 32 and 64bit version).
    You can see it here

    Does someone have any idea what I could do to solve the problem?

    P.s. If i start moss without a argument/game code the application starts normally and I would be able so start the monitoring


    I will check if I broke something


    crash is fixed now but no I dont see a safe solution to accept legit stop request , if you see what I mean

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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