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C: Program Files (x86) Razer Synapse RzSynapse.exe

What is Moss ? forums C: Program Files (x86) Razer Synapse RzSynapse.exe

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    Good Evening! Need to take a doubt on the esl Event here, we want to get the application to razer synapse answers here when the PC is: C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Razer \ Synapse \ RzSynapse.exe, I wonder with you if MOSS can recognize and present, as the community awaits the best answer to this ongoing championship. Could this arrest?


    which ESL event ? what do you need to know about synapse ? is this a driver ? a game ?


    Is a macro that comes with the mouse from Razer, an application that does a similar job to a cheater.


    You can make one system based in clicks ? Example : If the user clicked 100x in same delay, the ant-cheater receive one information saying : “Macro ON”

    This System is used on Punkbuster in Battlefield 3. It identifies the Macro on the number of clicks per delay.


    for you have a better idea about what this macro, follow the link the DLLs Razer mouse that are used in the program.

    Link dlls:

    Video do Macro:


    Good morning Mr. Olivier, MOSS catch those clicks per second and advertise it to the administrators, the scenery will change slightly and organizations virtually come to us. If you can help look at my posts and see what would be functional. Have a nice day and thanks.

    Ronaldo Nicholas.


    first point : I dont plan to track a mouse driver software components, it’s useless for several reason :
    – razer is not the only one to provide macro
    – some mice dont even need a driver to have macros
    – It’s not because you have a mouse driver you are using it to macro

    Second point :
    Right now moss monitors Chinese walks moves , but to monitor mice clics I need a technical definition of an abuse , and remember I monitor , I’m not the game

    last point : for those who are ESL admins , please use an ESL staff mail to log in , I got some extras for you


    Okay, well what would that definition of abuse and how do you want me to pass you this information? What about email are already providing us. Example: you want it to rule in ESL or a link stating that it is forbidden, …

    And thank you for now.


    how clic per second is an abuse ?
    which games are hit by this kind of behavior ?


    tank you for add.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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