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Bad performance, too many screens

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    Hello, Everytime I launch moss for rainbow six, I loose like 50-100 fps constantly. The second I disable the capture it runs fine. My friends said that they have a fps drop too but only every two minutes or so (120hz, so seems logical)

    I’ve look at the log file and it looks like Moss takes a screen every 10-30 seconds

    exemple : (Mon 1) DX11(69) : Each 120 at 2018-04-08 17:54:57 file: 193.JPG- Zip CRC: 919100d6c52c063af8a6a0cddfefc8a3cd868c407e5cbbaffb310cf3052fde66
    (Mon 2) DX11(100) : Each 120 at 2018-04-08 17:54:58 file: 194.JPG- Zip CRC: 975a141323656ac50a8e2571c94965566bb9d4b1149d3abaeeba83962b6da98b
    SHA2: e762aa456f3b27285010729a222379c3db1dfd658761604128fed6814a55b6ba process: C:\Windows\System32\backgroundTaskHost.exe
    (Mon 1) DX11(66) : Each 120 at 2018-04-08 17:55:07 file: 195.JPG- Zip CRC: 6f69e78aa2671ba1d3a1e26d57208938920f6751f320b868b92c67d270e4bbe8

    full log :

    By the way, in the log file it says that I have 150 ping, but I have 30-40 on Rainbow Six siege

    I have two screens, I tried unplugging one in order to have less screenshot to take but it didn’t help
    Thank you

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    the excessive screenshot amount is due to the F mark with shows Moss feels attacked by an external process , remove the involved process and you will get a normal screen qty and less lag


    Thank you for your answer

    How can I find the process in the log file ?
    Is a program like or shadowplay (screen record) could be at fault ?
    If the cpu is at 100% usage, could moss triggers those “F” ?
    Because if I put the fps cap at 60 + Vsync in the game I am not lagging (but it’s not really a solution because I have a 144 hz screen + the input lag is quite noticeable)


    Yes load may be an issue, moss doesn’t get enough cpu, something is killing you pc before moss

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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