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Autoupload feature


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    Hello, i am administrator of competitive community in CS2D (PCS) ( i say this to explain my point)

    I come because, in the past, we had anticheats that autouploaded the reports, sadly they didnt have continuity but they actually caught some cheaters that were triying to bypass the AC, etc.

    The idea here, is MOSS would autoupload it’s rar onto a web we could select, we have some that could temporally store these files.

    Otherwise, it’s unlike a cheater would upload his moss full of cheats.

    I dont think there’s a need for having to log in to your user, would be cool maybe but with the logfile of moss it already tells you a lot.


    Just a note:

    The game, since became 1# on Steam greenlight and now it’s on steam with hundreds of players, we need to secure that we have a safe anticheat

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    Moss activity generates around 7 millions screens a month , I have no way to host them ( btw it’s trying to do that which killed the ACs you’re mentioning).
    So yes a shadow post would bust some morons but on another hand I have no way to force platforms use upload rules I would set.

    The current system is the most efficient and has the lowest cost for everybody:
    – the zip exists , it cant be altered and anyone can read it

    the platform decides when the file is required or optional and set its rules around it

    it’s just a matter to have the rules enforced , or not ….


    What if admins have somewhere to store zip files and the only way to be uploaded from players that are playing tournament is by giving some code they need to enter it in order for MOSS to connect and autoupload it there.
    After that admins can check all of those zip files and delete them after if they want to free space for next tournament and also generate new code for it.
    I don’t think it will take too much space for all those zip files.


    Hello thats why i said that our community PCs would temporally store our files. Not moss itself


    what I can do is to post the zip file to a specfic url.
    it will requires at least =>
    – from player :
    1/ ask him which platform to post onto
    2/ and eventually a player identity and a match ID , while moss has already such a system in zip file naming

    – from platform :
    1/ the post url
    2/ eventually credentials to proceed if you can offer a rest service


    please have a look to last version , you can launch, and automate moss start and get the final file location from registry to upload it on your site

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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