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Adding a watermark when MOSS working

What is Moss ? forums Adding a watermark when MOSS working

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    Hello !
    i was wondering if can moss add a watermark in the game ( a simple one like the unregistred bandicam) to let players be sure that moss is correctly injected in the game , cuz some of us sometimes find some black screens and sometimes not (i dont know the reason why) , but i think if that small thing be added it means that we can know if the program monitoring our game.


    For a good help describe better tell me the fgame and the moss version


    the purpose of this request is that we know that moss in working and monitoring our game
    with that we can directly know that moss is fine and not by capturing then stopping capture and checking the zip everytime
    for exemple : when we are trying to record a video from a game using fraps or any other software
    the way that we know that the software is working is that fps overlay or that ingame interface
    so if that happens to MOSS a little Text on top left showing MOSS version and game will be more than great 😀


    it would means inject ingame and thus require to get whitelisted by game


    so is it possible to happen or not ?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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