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    Hello NoHope!

    There are some competitive communities at Minecraft that need a way to monitor the use of cheat software by players injectd/autoclick/aimbot/anti knockback/reach in their «major» leagues.
    These leagues try to fight the cheaters by forcing the «suspicious» players to record, which generates 30 minutes or more of Go-size files that must be uploaded to youtube.
    It takes time and is not that effective. Moss would be perfect for this style of cheating software!

    The name of the game – Minecraft
    The game’s EXE name – Minecraft Launcher.exe – (C: ProgramData Microsoft Windows Start Menu Programs Minecraft Launcher)
    – The game creates a version with each update, so maybe a screenshot would be better for his program… It is also launched from other launcher than minecraft as lunar / AZLAUNCHER/salwyr …

    Files to monitor or capture, along with their game path – C: Users xerph AppData Roaming . minecraft logs or C: Users xerph AppData Roaming . minecraft mods or C: Users xerph AppData Roaming . minecraft versions (the log is created after the game is closed)
    – Minecraft creates a log file for each session, it would be useful to include this in the zip so players can not change it, some injectors change the way this file is written.
    If there are any questions I’d like to say answer

    Thank you for your work!

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    The game’s EXE name : I need the main EXE not the launcher , aka the one in memory when playing

    if I follow you :
    C: Users xerph AppData Roaming => CSIDL_APPDATA
    CSIDL_APPDATA\.minecraft\logs\*.* ?
    CSIDL_APPDATA\.minecraft\mods\*.* ?
    CSIDL_APPDATA\.minecraft\versions\*.json ?

    could you send me a screen of the folders content ?

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    Calculate the number of clicks on the mouse relative to the clicks per second displayed on minecraft is it possible to do this? This makes a log like for the aimbot which displays an error with the number of cps done on it mouse and the other on minecraft . And it’s possible that it screen any software launched on the pc too .


    And would it be possible for him to calculate the number of times or the person exceeds the 3 blocks per shot because minecraft it is impossible to type farther than 3 blocks . Thx


    Otherwise we have discovered they have a modified or deleted lines facilty there is a way to know if the folder is modified or the images are deleted


    Fast click should appears as macro left click
    If zip is altered in any way the checker will say it

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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