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Accused of Macro Usage

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    I am about to get perma-banned by the DeSBL (German eSports League) because I am suspected to use a macro, proofen by the patterns shown in the MOSS logfile.
    I dont use any macros. I use a Anne Pro 2 Keyboard with red Gatorade Switches and the “suspicious” keys are C and Space. On “C” I have my crouch-Button and Space is unbinded because I would always press it by accident when pressing “C” (I press C with my thumb).
    I was told that everythhing above 50 events on a single timestamp is not possible to be human-made, so my 105 events on 24ms must be a macro. But to me it is just that every time that I press C, I also press Space.
    Also, you can see that it peaks at 9ms and 16ms as well. Plus, all the other combinations have their highest peak at 24ms as well. Does that even make sense if it was a macro?
    I sincerly hope you have an answer to my problem.

    You can find the log-file at

    …and a screenshot of the pattern at



    Can you explain how such a log can achieved without a macro


    I think it’s the combination of my Keyboard running at 125hz and the fact that whenever I press C I also press Space. The chance of hitting the time frame between 17-24 ms is 25%. The PC polling of the USB then registers the second key press 24 ms after the first. This pattern repeats in all of the sequences. Everytime with a factor of 8ms.


    i’ve literally the same issue.
    got disqualified bcs of pattern like this and im not using an macro at all

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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