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Accused and disqualified from tournamnet for Macro suspicion

What is Moss ? forums General Accused and disqualified from tournamnet for Macro suspicion

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    I’m writing this on behalf of my team [KaYEET] and the organization that was willing to take us under their wing and give us the opportunity to compete in the Union Week #2 cup. We ,as in our squad, were baldly accused of using macro and were disqualified for that given reason upon inspection of a certain log file that showed a quick button press sequence. We were called cheaters and were called out on that. This is damaging our name as we’re looking to shoot higher. I am making this post so that one of the members of the Moss software team could take a closer look at this accusation.

    The screenshot of the sequence: Screenshot

    It would be of great aid if any of the members of the team could take a look and either render the accusation false or give us a closer insight of the inner workings and the reason the pattern got logged.

    With sincere appreciation,
    SpeeD34mon on behalf of KaYEET

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    I cant state for the league’s admins , if they want to contact me I will be able to check the whole situation but not on a single screenshot


    Hello, I’m able to provide several Moss files from several games. Could you take your time and look at them? The league admin’s are unwilling to go further with this matter and already publicly called us out for cheating.


    5 of the Mosses of the suspected player are uploaded over HERE . Also the “MACRO” screenshot originates from these MOSS files.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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