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What is Moss ? forums 1.3.7

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    MOSS can now rely on core temp to get a real time frequency and multiplier:
    Core Speed: 4091.72 MHz (204.59 x 20.00)

    log start is more detailled :
    version: MOSS 1,3,7
    Physical: ASUSTeK Computer INC.System Product NameP7P55D102963820000783
    Sign ID1: 227229603 ID2: 1554682887
    User: op@OPHOME
    Net: E0CB4E3210C9/ Public: 0

    added some measures against process freeze

    I didnt put coretemp in moss directly , I’ll do it if I get an agreement from coretemp dev but by default it’s against his license


    The extra logfile information is a great addition. The Net info will be really useful when comparing to the WAC logs.


    Can you use both the “old” speed detect and Core Temp’s speed detect? The “old” speed detect reads the FSB change while Core Temp reads the total speed of the CPU.

    As an example:
    My CPU normally runs at 3400 MHz (34×100) and I was able to bypass Core Temp by lowering my multiplier and raising my clock speed (33×103) = 3391 MHz. Since there is no FSB change detect, my MOSS said software overclock 0.00% while it actually is ~3%. It does show that a different multiplier and core speed is used in the logfile, but it will be harder for us to detect it as we then would need to check all logfiles.

    Standard clock:
    Modified clock:

    So if we can have both detection methods logged, we can catch both the software overclockers and the turbo modus overclockers. E.g. Software Overclock and Core Overclock or similar.


    I removed the last IP digit for privacy and warrock DOS Issue.

    It’s a bit costly to run 2 benchmarks , I try to get something relevant

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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