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What is Moss ? forums Understanding LogFile Re: Understanding LogFile


Thank you for the information, I will add a rule to failures and guide once again the team captains.

About LogFile:

The information below refers to the processor, right?

processor BIOS details 3400 MHz by 34.00*100. Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-3240 CPU @ 3.40GHz

The information below refers to the programs carried out at the time of MOSS, right? If so, the list of active programs is very large, such as whether the player uses malicious programs? Only by knowing the name of the malicious program?

md5: process: C:\Windows\system32\taskhost.exe
md5: 829aa981cfdd811e84c05d09e20a5f305d720361af570bcccc119f99456c75f2 process: C:\Windows\Explorer.EXE
md5: ddada5a229a0b2566c27d484479d9aed3dcd09fd8f701a0fd839cb63326a5abe process: C:\Program Files\Realtek\Audio\HDA\RAVCpl64.exe
md5: ccea638f90395f5c1c9da892227ff4f3a7bc7567def8a7b63afe2a487dada88a process: C:\Program Files (x86)\NVIDIA Corporation\Update Core\NvBackend.exe
md5: 6dcdec76cfdeaa0a0edc247d34ee2972dea54e8344ad62910ebdfda30bf12868 process: C:\Program Files\AVG\Framework\Common\avguix.exe
md5: b5392bfea11f5da6d2ea3f3742d145149701091ed6839bb1c360a59dfe729288 process: C:\Program Files\AVG\Av\avgui.exe
md5: 627aaee04643b7b27d1436cf19098f665ee3b8b612caa6273e780c6451260b8d process: C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\Display\nvtray.exe

What would this information below?
QPF bench is 3392.36 QPC/GTC: 1.00
DX9 on NVIDIA GeForce GT 740 : Each 60 at 2016-05-16 03:07:58 file: 004.JPG- Zip CRC: 63d5cc27ab7952f9c1e2d20b701d3441eb80215a944737be2ba8417626599cde

We have much trouble with Macro and I wonder if it is possible and how do I detect when a player is using macro, according to the LogFile file.

Thank you very much.
LBG Team