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Re: Requesting Official Support for the game Warface

What is Moss ? forums Requesting Official Support for the game Warface Re: Requesting Official Support for the game Warface


Hello again,

Based on the our last ESL Warface community cup I have some requests for improvements:

1. While ESL Wire is running, MOSS isn’t logging a running processes list – so could you please change this behavior or make appropriate option in settings? It can be named “log running processes”.

2. As of my understandings, MOSS obtains a list of running processes just at start and then isn’t monitoring new started processes. Will it be difficult to add an ability to periodically enumerate running processes during MOSS session and log new detected? It will be really useful because otherwise for example player can wait for MOSS start and then start any illegal software which will not be logged by MOSS.

3. It seems that sometimes 1 screenshot per second (which is set up for Warface) isn’t enough so could you please make this option configurable for some bandwidth, for example from 1 to 4 screens per second?

4. During a hard timeline at the match it will be very useful to have an option for “batch files checking” – is it easy to implement? If so – admins will be really happy with it.

Sorry in advance for such big “todo list” – just summarizing it “right after the party” 🙂

Best regards,