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Sign ID1: 227229603 ID2: 1554682887

One ID is PC and the other is Network?
Is ID1 or ID2 the Hardware ID?
SO if the player takes their PC to say a friends house and play. Do they get a different Network ID?

Understood on the DX 11 issue, I guess we can always fall back on the log files when it comes to those games and issues.
Just a curious thought, does playing in Windowed mode over Full-screen affect the DX11 issue?

OK, I think I have enough information to move forward.
I am going to get a few of my admins to do some testing and familiarize themselves with MOSS.
My next step would be (after a short testing period) to create a rule-set for using MOSS for us and also setting up forums.

When you can, could you register at