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Thanks for info,

If you don’t mind I will throw out a few more questions, just so I am clear about everything.

Depending on the game and if its DX11, Windows 7 and 8.1 users will always have incomplete screen shots or is it just random blank screen shots?

Is the DX11 issue something your are close to resolving?

You say these ID’s are unique based on user hardware: Sign ID1: 157070889 ID2: 1227365119
What is the purpose of 2 ID’s? And will there always be 2?

Is this section private to League admins only and I could I request fellow TeamWarfare admins be granted permission to this section?

What is needed if we to want add a game not on the list?
Say Black Ops 3 for example.

Basically we would could use MOSS to:

    alleviate smurfing (having a ringer on team)
    Screen Shots
    Game config (client side)
    All running processes on clients pc (this would give us the ability to make our own judgement of what user is running)

We at TeamWarfare would create a forum for Q&A and it would be very helpful having you registered as “Developer” whenever you want to post on issues on our forums.

We as TWL admins would learn as much as we can about the program from using or what we learn from your site, to ensure you wouldn’t just be overloaded with questions here.