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this topic has been moved to a league admin only forum

moss supports from xp to 10 , however the directx 11 API is incomplete in some ways on windows 7 and 8.1
it has to be checked game by game and OS by OS to ensure screenshot are corrects.

you can use Moss for free , as long you link my site and credit it.

you cant host a moss copy for download , anyway it’s useless as moss autoupdate as soon you run it

you have have your own forum , if it’s in english I can read it and help you if needed

Moss exists for 5 years , it’s not a business but a hobby , I dont plan to stop it. there are around 1000 games a day using moss

I have no ressource for support , so I prefer you handle as many support you can on your forum.

my skype is nohope92