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Hi! Thank you very much for your response.

Here is the zip file with the logfile.txt:

I tried using the moss checker with both “versions”, this one says that the zip is ok and the other one says that is corrupted.

I also tried explaining the situation to the referees, but of course he did not believed in me and took it as an act of bad faith. After that, he accused me of trying to change the file to cover for my team.
I sent the file with the logfile for him after he pointed out the missing of it in the previous email, but he didn’t want to proceed with the analysis.

I repeat, we did not changed the file at all and we don`t have a clue on how did the logfile disapeared from the .zip, and trying to prove that point is the only chance for my team to continue in the tournament.

I apologize for my english, if something is not clear, feel free to ask for a better explanation.