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Dear nohope,

Here are My Mosses:

1.MY Moss which is Posted by Dark:!epAnDCwL!xEbd66qpppwlECzxq1OYrRi_NsSMwcdDUVyZ5HIsg40

2.More Mosses that i made when Spotify was still installed in PC:!H1oUiCLT!8ZV4gOVMiQIGzEL0E9FIfTko4YCMr8Rf8jyhJ1NBhS8!b0gCESxb!Gs_KOPwmVMUm42zyFkcD60HEevutVR0SUX1SDX9VdFY!mpYVEQ7R!90UZfCu0dtdzUM0dRU0o1qeHQNmJHDH-QjAuqIudECs

3. Moss that i made Yestarday When Spotify was uninstalled from PC:!T8Qk3CyL!j02pUaChLQ4yJpz1P0TdISF0ZIRR4bmKM-WHWYe7pVA!vpIESQ5C!Kez57wxvBwhw-3LLtyGw2pWvETZwlrt-hyeR9gj6Gg8

lol Why there is Still many SS without Spotify that the Guy who is accusing me that my Moss is bypassed through Spotify …..

i attached different samples of My Moss with different Situation Check all and Kindly Nohope Solve this issue …

Thank You!!