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Hello noHope,

(Regarding to the last Mike’s message)

I was participating in the yesterdays tournament, so I would like to describe the situation a bit closer from the players’ view.
At the begining everything went fine we oppened our mosses like we always do and also there were no problems with it while the game was running. After the game we all stopped our mosses and then the problem arrived. After pressing “STOP” button the programm was not responding for a longer while, after that it immidiatley closed by itself. All the files have been saved but we couldn’t open them because the moss crashed so there was no log file. Also while reinstalling moss my antivirus (AVAST) detected moss as a virus, so I turned it off like I did with the windows defender. Unluckily it didn’t help at any point and the moss was still crashing (5 games in a row) for nearly every player of the tournament.

(the problem happend after yesterdays moss update)

I hope I described it well, waiting for your response.

Best Regards, kenz1e.

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