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hello, i think player bypass mosss it’s possible? his moss started and stoped
like the other players but 13 ss in , and all player 23 ss how it’s possible?
his moss
my moss
i ask this player and look what he say
[14:19] bREAVEr`666: 🙂
[14:20] Hit[S]>mag!cC<: mosss = not generic game pls go in seting and select cod4
[14:20] Hit[S]>mag!cC<: in moss
[14:20] bREAVEr`666: what are u talking about
[14:20] bREAVEr`666: i gave u link about my moss last cw
[14:21] Hit[S]>mag!cC<: open moss select files , seting and select cod4
[14:21] bREAVEr`666: i already did that lol
[14:22] Hit[S]>mag!cC<: you know bandicam?
[14:22] bREAVEr`666: ya
[14:22] Hit[S]>mag!cC<: it’s good ?
[14:22] bREAVEr`666: it is
[14:22] Hit[S]>mag!cC<: how time u play cod4
[14:22] bREAVEr`666: 6 years
[14:23] Hit[S]>mag!cC<: i play 10 year
[14:23] Hit[S]>mag!cC<: and break for play black ops 1 / 2 / 3
[14:23] Hit[S]>mag!cC<: zombi
[14:23] Hit[S]>mag!cC<: lol
[14:23] bREAVEr`666: nice
[14:25] Hit[S]>mag!cC<: but i never play whit hack
[14:25] Hit[S]>mag!cC<: and i think many player hack mosss and wh + moss
[14:26] bREAVEr`666: yea right
[14:26] bREAVEr`666: they bypas it
[14:26] Hit[S]>mag!cC<: not cool
[14:26] Hit[S]>mag!cC<: this player kill cod4
[14:26] Hit[S]>mag!cC<: and now many player leave this game
[14:27] Hit[S]>mag!cC<: but in logfile we can see is bypaas
[14:27] Hit[S]>mag!cC<: no we cant
[14:27] Hit[S]>mag!cC<: so mosss is shit
[14:28] bREAVEr`666: yaa
[14:28] bREAVEr`666: it is
[14:47] Hit[S]>mag!cC<: so you use bypass, it’s not possible play cod4 when u play
[14:48] bREAVEr`666: bro fuckk off
[14:48] Hit[S]>mag!cC<: you only rush on player , you never ie
[14:48] Hit[S]>mag!cC<: you amazing hacker

can u help me???