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I already tried to challenge the use of click and which ami showed me a macro which I showed with a video and there is no clear answer why and as they say macro if my shots are synchronized and quickly

I would like to know why in a call of duty 2 game I get the following
sequence: ‘LEFT CLICK’ 47 (10) ‘D’ 43 (11) ‘LEFT CLICK’ [66 (17) ‘A’ 57 (21) ‘LEFT CLICK’] repeated 96 [42] times
sequence: ‘LEFT CLICK’ 45 (15) ‘A’ 53 (13) ‘LEFT CLICK’ [62 (16) ‘D’ 50 (22) ‘LEFT CLICK’] repeated 87 [51] times
sequence: ‘A’ 53 (21) ‘LEFT CLICK’ 61 (17) ‘D’ [49 (18) ‘LEFT CLICK’ 66 (19) ‘A’] repeated 61 [36] times
sequence: ‘D’ 62 (23) ‘LEFT CLICK’ 65 (19) ‘A’ [51 (22) ‘LEFT CLICK’ 74 (21) ‘D’] repeated 50 [32] times
sequence: ‘D’ 62 (23) ‘LEFT CLICK’ 65 (19) ‘A’ [51 (22) ‘LEFT CLICK’ 74 (21) ‘D’] repeated 50 [32] times

this was the answer which I do not share, because the video is clearly that there is no macro and it detects and responds that if there is

some mice programs allow to create macro on left clic ,some not
as some needs a driver or a program and some not.
and you always can find third party programs to create macro ( our write your own)

Moss doesnt care of that , it just monitor keystroke and clic received by system

about your sequence, it’s pretty fast so if you get accusated of macro and it’s not some people could be able to achieve same result.
tbh I’m not but not a reference either