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So basically all of the MOSS exe files that I have need to be on the same NVIDIA 3D settings?

MOSS beta NVIDIA settings:
MOSS 64 NVIDIA eettings:

I downloaded MOSS beta after MOSS 64 wasn’t working just hoping for a miracle for some reason. but I still had black screens before I downloaded the MOSS beta.
When I select the preferred graphics processor and set it to integrated graphics all of the custom settings are grayed out but as you can see from both of the pictures the settings are different for MOSS beta and MOSS 64. Is that what is causing issues?

Like I said in a previous reply I was copying some of my friends settings and it was taking screenshots of my desktop for a short period of time but that only happened when my game was in Windowed mode.

First time I ever ran MOSS logfile:
Logfile from when it worked for a split second: