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The path is changeable, the most ppl have it unser C:\COD\… etc.

I have also another installation of CoD 1.1 under:
D:\Spiele Downloads\Call of Duty 1.1

When i start MOSS the First thing i get is the Message:
“The color scheme has been changed”
And some colors from my Windows change but the programs starts. Then i chose Parameters CoD 1.1. After this i make Capture -> Start and run the game.

Its say “CoD 1.1 Capture is running”.

If i close the Game it still says: “CoD 1.1 Capture is running” and i need to click Capture -> Stop then the program minimized itself and the colors of my Windows change back to normal.

If i open the minimzed Moss aagain then there is a Messge: Capture stopped and the path of the archive file.

I tested it again and runed CoD 1.1 in Windows Mode (Not Fullscreen). With that it seems to work. Here is a Archiv File with Window Mode:

So the problem seems to be the fullscreen mode. Would be nice if we get this solved, then its rly usable for us and we can finally play Funwars with a good Cheat Protection :).